The B2B Marketer's Guide to Effective Thought Leadership


Learn how to generate statistically robust and credible survey data that can be turned into a powerful thought leadership content marketing strategy.

Well-planned and executed surveys of any size offer the potential to deliver some powerful, tangible benefits and the opportunity to demonstrate ROI.

From quick, one-off opinion polls, to in-depth studies, B2B thought leadership surveys are a highly effective way of fulfilling three principle objectives:

  • Generating new insight
  • Gaining exposure
  • Supporting your business development activity

In this guide, we talk you through:

  • The business case for survey-based thought leadership
  • The different survey options available
  • Best-practice planning and execution to guarantee survey response rates
  • The power of a strategic and integrated campaign to maximise your ROI

Download the guide to learn about thought leadership best practices that lead to increased sales and lead generation.